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The new Grooveshark homepage is the perfect launching spot for your evolving taste in music. Discover amazing new tunes built from your music preferences or enjoy a personalized station that transforms with your unique listening habits.

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Create your online music Utopia. Add songs and albums to your collection for easy access, save the best ones to your Favorites, assemble, edit, and save pitch-perfect Playlists—and access it all from anywhere you login.

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From indie to classical to reggae, enjoy endless mood-setting possibilities with our Genre Radio Stations, or launch a personalized Radio Station based on the artists in your Current Songs. Play or skip as many songs as you'd like, and even save a particularly wonderful session as a Playlist to relive the experience again and again.

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Access Grooveshark’s extensive music library on your mobile devices straight from your device's web browser. Search and play music instantly, build and save Playlists, listen to genre Radio Stations, and enjoy Popular songs on-the-go. No app download required, and best of all, it’s free!